Poems and other meaningful things

(Please feel free to write a poem or something that has helped you through your loss or think that I might like)

This is from a book that I was reading about loss...

How do you live without a part of yourself after an amputation? The answer is you have no choice; you adapt. Adapting to the death of a child is analogous to learning to walk again without a leg. First you depend on a walker, then a crutch, finally a prosthesis. The prosthesis takes you to nearly as many places as your leg did, but you know the difference. A change has been made.

*Untitled by Kymberli Brady* We put this poem in Makenzie's memorial program
Lord, today I sent my baby to you
Please give her wings and let her fly
She's new at this so take it slow
Teach her how they flutter by
I'll miss her so though we'd never met
And I'll never know her smile
But you need her and now she's yours
She was only mine a while
She'll never know pain
And she'll never know fear
Now that you will keep her near
And now...
I close my eyes to say good bye
And watch her fly away to you
Please keep her Lord, and love her 'till
I get my wings and join you too

A poem called Rainbow...the day that Makenzie was born there was a rainbow out over the hospital for the 2 days that we were there.

The beauty of a rainbow does not negate the ravages of the storm.
When a rainbow appears, it doesn't
mean the storm never happened or
that the family is not still dealing
with it's aftermath. Storm clouds
may still hover but the rainbow
provides a counter balance of hope
for the future.

*To my Mother*
I see you each time you shed a tear,
I catch it and kiss you, I hope that you know that I'm near.
This place is so beautiful, There's so much to see!
I know that someday you'll be here with me.
The angels were singing when I arrived!
Jesus was there with His arms open wide.
The snow and the rain are just my confetti.
I know you'll be coming and I want to be ready.
When you feel the wind, it's me walking by.
I can run and skip now, I can even fly!
When the blossoms and leaves fall into you hair,
It's me planting kisses, yes, I put them there!
The birds are singing to keep you company,
They're especially for you with love from me.
I know that you miss me and feel so alone,
Until the great day when you finally come home
Please remember as the seasons change from one to another,
I'll always love you. You're my friend and my mother.

*I am with you*
Once I lived in my mother's womb,
A place for me to flourish and bloom,
And in that place I felt such love,
Until the day I was called from above.
The angels came and took me away,
Because on Earth I couldn't stay,
But my mother didn't want me to go,
Because she really loves me so,
So I spoke to God and made a deal,
That would help my mommy's heart to heal,
And so God said that I could visit,
At any time, there is no limit.
Now when she feels about to cave,
I send her courage to make her brave,
And in the night when she cries,
I am there to wipe her eyes,
And when she sits and thinks of me,
I am there sat on her knee,
When she thinks that no one cares,
I am there stroking her hair,
When it's hard for her to carry on,
I am there to make her strong.
For when you carry love in your heart,
You never really are apart.