Saturday, October 15, 2011

Remembering our babies

So today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day and in honor of our babies please light a candle from 7pm to 8pm...

Today The Tears Foundation put together a gathering for those who have lost their babies. It was at a beautiful chapel in Puyallup. In front of a full wall of windows that over looked Mt Rainier (if it wasn't cloudy out) sat a table with unlit candles. As we walked in we were able to write Makenzie's name on a card and decorate it anyway we wanted to. After a small speech and beautiful song we were given the chance to go up to the table and light a candle for our babies. Everyone got up and said who they were honoring. I feel blessed that I was able to go up (with tears) and say "I'm lighting this candle for my daughter Makenzie who was stillborn April 29th, 2011 at 40wks and 3 days to unknown causes. We miss you so very much!" After everyone was done there was another song and we were able to gather and meet and share our sadness with those who truly "get it". I had one woman who came up to me and she just wanted to share that she just lost her daughter (2months ago) and that our story was similar to Makenzie's. It saddens me to hear others who have to go through this pain but at least we're not alone. We talked and shared for a long while and exchanged phone numbers in case we needed some to talk to. It's so nice to have those new friends to help you through the day. I have met so many new friends in this horrible club but to see some hope on some of those faces and to see little ones running could that not give you hope?

I want to thank my brother-in-law and my soon to be sister-in-law and my good friend from work for being there for me! I know that you both have had a loss in your life and that I will always be there for you guys as you have been here for us! Thank you for the support!

And to my husband...I know that you couldn't make it but I know that Makenzie was with us both and smiling down on us! I love you and want to say that you have been my BIGGEST support. There is no one I would want to go through this with than with you...Makenzie's daddy! You sure did help make a beautiful little angel!

My dearest Makenzie,

Today we light a candle for you and even though that candle may fade, the candle in our hearts will never dim. For the love that we have for you and the love that you have showed us will always keep it lit and one day will help guide us to you.

Love always, Mommy and Daddy

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  1. We are getting ready to go to a memorial service at our hospital and I'm so nervous! Thanks for posting about how yours went. It sounds like it was very beautiful