Friday, June 3, 2011

F**k my life today!!!!

Today started off good considering today marks 5 weeks. With that being said...things took a turn for the worst!

On my way to work I checked the mail and Makenzie's photos came in, but left them in the mail box until tonight. So that was on my mind ALL day. After getting to work my first appointment of the day had a newborn...but not just any newborn...a girl! So after that appointment I sat and cried for about 10 mins. After I cleaned my face up I had phone calls to make and after getting on the phone with a client turns out the dogs name is...Kenzie! So another 10 mins of crying! As the day went on a few of my friends had a dog that they were working on some treatments with and they wouldn't let me help (it was slow at work and everyone was trying to find things to do). I asked if they wanted help filling out paperwork but they kept saying no. Someone needed some meds signed off and I was happy to be doing something and as I was reading off the name of the pet it's name guessed it Makenzie (spelled a different way but don't remember the spelling)!!!!! All I said was fuck my life right now!!!!
By that time I was ready to go home but still had 3 hours or so left and Chris wasn't going to be home so why go home to an empty house!

Now I'm just waiting for Chris to come home so we can look at Makenzie's photos together and cry! What a wonderful Friday!

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